Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Gift

God moves.
He transformes.
He grows us.
He brings glory, even in pain.
As our lives change, He remains the same.

Before I can get back to this journey behind the keyboard, let me share what an amazing summer we had.  An unexpected trip and stay with my family was a greater gift than I can ever share.  Our hearts will be forever greatful and treasure these weeks beyond measure....

Grandpa and Cass

This can't be bought or replaced.

Grandpa's Girl

Oh how Aiden loves him

Smiles in their hearts

Three generations and a whole lot of fish!

Like Grandpa, like Uncle, like Aiden.... from the love of rocks to horny toads!

An ongoing Wyoming tradition....from the time a small Charlie and Vanessa smuggled a horny toad home from the blue forrest to the recent release of yet another generation of toads!

Great Grands!

They've only gotten more amazing with time!

Grandma and Grandpa you are such a big place in my heart!

They love their Grandma and Papa

Broter and Sisters

Sister love is passed down to a niece and up to an Aunt

Awww see....I told you so!

Four generations and the three that fill up my heart!

These two....I'm telling ya!

Friendship planted a seed 26 years ago!  Most people will never have the gift I have in my oldest and dearest friend!  And now....our children carry on the gift.....

So much more than friends!  Jayce, Dessa, Gracie, Aiden, Trenten, and Cass was too cool for school that day!
And who would have thought our baby boys could pass as brothers?
Best friends and best friends' daughters
And how appropriate...they are just as crazy as us :)  Except sweeter!