Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Grace by Grace

I started my day giving thanks.
Thanks long overlooked.
Clinging to His grace for that needed lifeline.
I served.
And then.....
Odds that only an all powerful, all knowing, and all loving GOD can pull off.
Get YOUR specific, personal attention kind of circumstances.
Way too big and individual to be simple coincidence.
Sit on the front porch and cry tears that HE holds.
Hot tears that release memories of being loved by my creator.
A love so pure and real and so undeserved.
That kind of God moment.
That kind of reminder.
Oh Jesus how I love you, from that same front porch.
And a decision to be made.

Today I poured advice, guidance from my heart.  I've been her and I don't believe her.  To not need help because you ONLY have the Lord doesn't make sense.  He IS the help.  He IS the provision.  He IS the grace.  He IS the saving.  It didn't make sense.  So I shared the story a wise preacher man once shared with me....

There was a flood and a man sat on the rooftop of his house praying, pleading with the Lord to help him, to save him.  A lifeboat came by and offered this man a ride to dry land.  He declined, and continued to wait on the Lord he knew would save him.  Then a rescue chopper lowered a ladder, another way to dry land.  Again, this faithful man declined.  He decided to wait for his God, to hold out for God to save Him.  The man drowned as the flood waters rose.  He drowned not knowing that the chopper and the lifeboat had been sent from God.  The help he refused was the direct lifeline from the God he pleaded to. 

The answers to our prayers aren't always the things we expect.  They aren't always packaged how we expect them to be.  Sometimes we miss God while we wait for Him.  We don't see His hand because we're looking for His face.  Little did I know that council given today was God's pre-given advice to a question I myself would be asked later this day.

And the answer?  God is God.  Grace is a gift and it's given the way He chooses to give it.  I too was reminded today that sometimes it's easy to overlook an answer to prayer.  It's our nature to stay stuck on what we had in mind for our future.  Today, I choose GOD and I fully accept HIS ways.  His plans far exceed mine in what's best.  Again, I soak in a scripture I shared with another person, advice that I gave to yet another child of our King today.  I gratefully take it as my own and give thanks to the God that loves me beyond my wildest dreams.  The second bit of truth I shared today that was indeed also handed down for my own answer.....

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us  Ephesians 3:20

Thank you Jesus for your all-powerful, breathtaking, tear bringing reminder that I belong to YOU.  Am loved by YOU.  Am protected and guided by YOU... moment by moment.  Grace by grace. 

So yes God, I will take your grace today.  In whatever fashion you give, with all satisfaction.  For I know that whether it be your hand or your face, your personal presence or your lifeline.....that it is far above anything I could ever ask or dream of.  OH JESUS....how I love YOU.