Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ProCare Cool Mist Humidifier

In my latest VoxBox from Influenster, I received the WalMart
ProCare Cool Mist Humidifier 
complimentary, for testing and reviewing purposes.  I admit, I was a little less than excited, thinking this would be like every other humidifier I've owned or used in the past.  Let me willingly eat crow on that one because this one is the rock star of them all!

  • First, it doesn't look like the older, bulky type of humidifier, which makes it easier on the eyes!
  • Next, it's so much easier and convenient to us, completely mess free.
  • Most appealing to me, it doesn't shoot out a huge puff of steam.  Instead, it works and looks just like a fan, while still pumping that moisture into the room!
  • This is so quiet, you don't even know it's on unless you get up close!

  • Another plus is that it works all day and night without needing a refill.  

So if you're in the market-grab this one from WalMart!  The price is super reasonable and it's a great product.  

All other humidifiers please step aside!  This one's a winner!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Mucinex Fast Max Review

Have you heard of Smiley360 yet?  I joined recently and have already received several full size products to test and review.  So...

Yes-It's Legit
Yes-It's Free
Of Course-It's Fun

The more you review, the more points you earn, and the more opportunity you get to try new products for free.  Easy Peasy.

I recently received a full size bottle of Mucinex Fast Max for free to test and review. The funny, not funny, about this was that I got a horrible cold THE DAY after I received this!  While I had no time to be down and really wished not to be sick, it did give me a great opportunity to test this product.  I wasn't just sick, I was down and out, aches and pains, felt like I was hit by a truck, running fever kind of sick with a horrible dose of chest congestions.  So try the new medicine I did....


Did have that great Mucinex famous effect on the chest congestion
Did help lessen my fever and aches
Can take every 4 hours, which is great when you feel like death warmed over
The dosing cup is a different, and really handy shape


It obviously can't quite cure like a good dose of antibiotics and steroids
The taste....but it wouldn't be medication if it tasted good
The minty flavor didn't do much from me, except add to the above comment


I'd buy this and recommend it, especially if your cold and chest congestion are coupled with aches and pains and a fever. This is a good, multi focused medication from a trusted brand.

I don't however, hope you need it.  This last sickness was a complete doozie.  Hope I've met my quota for illness for the next 5 years with that one!