Saturday, April 19, 2014

Louisiana House Bill 1091

Okay Dog Owners and Hog Hunters, there is yet another bill working it's way through into Louisiana Law that I think you will find of interest.  It looks like we have only until Tuesday April 22nd to stop this bill from passing into the Senate and getting one huge step closer to becoming law.  First, let me introduce you to....
LOUISIANA HOUSE BILL 1091  By Representative Tom Willmott
ANIMALS:  Prohibits the transportation of dogs in pickup truck beds on certain roadways unless humanely secured
Scheduled for Floor Debate on 4/22/14
(Final House Vote before moving to Senate)
This may or may not mean anything to you.  For our family, it's another jab closer to stepping on our rights as dog owners and a family that hunts with our dogs.  For us, it's a silly place for government to step in and could very well add to the slippery slope of losing our rights as dog owners.  I believe the people supporting this law think it's a public safety issue to have a dog riding unsecured on a pickup bed on Interstate Highways.  If you're like us, we know many people and many dogs that have done this for a long time with no incident.  And also like us, you can probably come up with a list of other hazards to our citizens that need much more attention....such as an overreach of government control on things that don't need fixed. 
If you feel the same way, please consider taking a few moments this weekend to shoot an email and or voice mail to your representative.  You can find your representative and contact information HERE.
If you're not great with words, feel free to use the same words we have.  Here is a sample email you might find handy....
Dear Representative_________________,
It has come to my attention that House Bill 1091 is up for floor debate and a final vote this coming Tuesday, April 22nd.  This bill seeks to prohibit the transportation of dogs in pickup truck beds on certain roadways unless humanely secured.
I am a dog owner, who cares very much about the safety of my animals and other citizens.  With that being said, I find this law an attack on my personal rights and lifestyle.  The practice of dogs riding unrestrained in truck beds is a long lived way of doing things for many of us here in Louisiana-and something that has not represented a hazard to myself or anyone/dog that I know.
At the end of the day, I find this bill an excuse for more government regulation where none is needed.  I feel there are many other pressing issues that need our law makers and law enforcement's attention.  Please consider taking a stand against this bill that will do nothing other than hinder dog owners like myself, as well as law enforcement officers from keeping their attention on more pressing matters.
PLEASE VOTE NO to House Bill 1091 this coming week. 
Please take time before Tuesday to email or call your rep's office.  Each voice makes a difference and this is just one of many attempts for lawmakers to get their fingers into a way of life that we are trying to protect!
For more information of past work we are trying to accomplish, you can visit the following posts....
HOUSE BILL No. 958 Update:  Bill 958 did NOT make it out of committee this year.  Instead, it was decided that a study would be done on this issue.  Good work people.  Keep your eyes and ears open for more information to come on the issue of transporting Live, Feral Hogs.
HOG HUNTING better known as HOGS, DOGS, & HATERS can also be found in your April issue of Tuskers Magazine and is a good read on what it is we're aiming to protect.
And now, to ask a favor from you.....
I've done the homework here, as well as give y'all specific breakdowns in who and when to contact.  My husband Tommy and I are glad to help fight to preserve this heritage for our children and generations to come!  Now I'm asking that after you make your calls and send your emails, to PLEASE take a minute to share this post with any and everyone you can.  Facebook is an awesome platform, so get busy and paste the link to this post in every dog, hog hunting, and other dog hunting group that you can!  THANK YOU!
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Louisiana Homeschool Lessons

Wow....we've had an eventful few weeks!

Many things to share in the days to come!

Surprise sister visit and walking by faith!

Spring schedules & the tricky art of 'doing it all'!

Tornado....God proves right on time!

Current issues and future plans for protecting our hunting and dog rights.

Those are only to mention a few!

Yes, there's much to be written!

So as our life settles back to 'normal', I'll leave you with a Louisiana Homeschool Lesson!

Visit HERE at HOMESCHOOL SURVIVAL for a little bit of a Southern Challenge!

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