Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hog Hunting

As the 'hog hunting' culture is being exposed through popular television shows....some of us at home are actually living the sport.  My husband's been a hog hunter since long before hog hunting was cool.  With that said, let me tell you that the opposition to the sport is LOUD, proud, and shameless about trying to drag us through the mud.
We live where generations have hunted.  Hunted more than hog.  Lived off the land.  Shared their stories.  Loved their family.  Lost their loved ones.  Survived wars.  Our history runs deep in these woods.  Even me, the transplanted wife, can tell you that the history of two cultures now collide and intertwine in my heart.
We catch the negative attention more times than you'd realize.  While families in cities across America cheer on reality TV shows pretending to depict the reality of this sport....we hear whispers of new laws to protect these poor 'abused' animals.  We are told that what we do is cruel, inhumane, and should in the end be prosecuted.
So a message has been brewing in my heart for many weeks.  If you know me, you know I have NO problem standing up for what I believe in.  I pray, I study God's word, I pay attention to the culture shifts, and I am willing to fight for my children's future.  Spiritually, emotionally, and politically.
Their generation is losing rights before they are even old enough to enjoy them.  While at the same time blinded, reprobate minds are fighting for other nonsense the right to kill their own children.  Trying to teach them that 'love' has no boundaries.  That the best way to be protected is to take away their fire arms.  That their health is in the hands of the agencies controlling an engineered food supply.
LOUD.  The groups lobbying for abortion rights, same-sex marriage, gun control, and an 'atheist' nation....those groups are LOUD and PROUD.  If they are outnumbered by conservative Christians like ourselves, you wouldn't know it on Capitol Hill.  This nation is governed by the louder voice more often than it is the popular vote. 
So...let me give you another perspective to stand on.  And let me remind you that doing what's right is usually not what's popular.  And it's usually uncomfortable.  So if you believe in what I'm sharing, feel free to use my words if yours don't come as easily.  Use them, share them, rally them together with your own.  Just don't, whatever you do, sit and quietly watch another right be stripped away.
Like you, I was created.  This whole 'debate' can be found summarized in Romans chapter 1 of the Bible.  You see, you are doing something the Bible calls 'worshiping the created instead of the creator'.  Animals are created.  Humans are created.  So while fighting full speed ahead for the rights of feral hogs and catch dogs at any and all're missing some seriously important parts of the picture.
Let me clear up some misconceptions. 
First, our primary reason for owning hog dogs IS NOT to spend our days chasing or cheering our dogs on just to see how much they can 'damage' a hog.  My response stems from an article on the Humane Society's website that say of  LEGAL bay competitions...
 "While hog dog trials try to package themselves as respectable entertainment, they are often little more than glorified hog dog fights, similar to other bloodsports like dogfighting, bullfighting, and cockfighting." 
The truth is that our passion is in hunting wild hogs to eat or to use in the training of puppies.  At no time is it ever to see how much damage a dog can do.  Our bay dogs serve an important role while hunting and these competitions are a great way to showcase our dog's talent, enjoy the sport with others like ourselves, and get our children involved in such a great activity.
Our catch dogs (not entered in said bay competitions) serve to CATCH the hog.  Yes, injuries occur to both animals at times but we do take measures to prevent this and quickly put a hog down if the damage is severe.  Distorted views like the one I've quoted above do nothing other than spread untrue views of what we really do.
Second, wild hogs are not cute, cuddly, defenseless animals that are left at a disadvantage.  They are destructive, mean, and completely capable of holding their ground.   I promise you that if my kids or myself came across a hog in the woods and it felt threatened...we are at FAR greater risk than the animal.  Countless acres of land are destroyed every year by the hog population.  As for the sport of "catch competitions"... you can't fairly pass laws that hinder an entire sport because of a few small events that represented barely a portion of 'hog dog' activities.
Third, you argue that the dogs are suffering cruelty in this sport.  You are DEAD wrong.  Dogs are animals.  As domesticated as you may aim to make them, they are completely in their element while hunting.  It's silly to say letting an animal hunt is doing it a disservice.  I could argue that keeping an animal in a house every day is further against it's origins than what we do.  I'm all for house pets if that's what you like, but leave my dogs natural abilities to hunt alone.  The instinct to hunt is what they were born with, not a cute fluffy bed that sits in your entryway.  I can guarantee you that our dogs are better cared for, happier, and healthier than the starving and neglected children in this country that you COULD be spending your energy and time protecting instead of our happy animals.  You see, those children, and the 1.3 million unborn children that our nation aborts yearly, they were all made in the image of God-unlike hogs.  Your passion, energy, and financial provision would be so much better spent on THAT kind of protection.
As for the dogs themselves, not allowing them to hunt is the same to me as not allowing your children to play sports or enjoy life because you're afraid of them getting hurt.  Same thing.  When you limit your children to only your home and never let them out into the world (especially sports or any other activity that carries risks), then-and only then-can you come talk to me about not hunting my dogs because they could get hurt.
Fourth, you argue that my children are being taught blood sport.  Wrong.  My children are being taught to hunt their own food.  To take pride in training an animal to sharpen their natural born hunting skills.  We hunt as a family, in God's beautiful creation of the woods, away from violent video games and cartoons, and not in front of TV shows that promote homosexuality or violence.  They are taught the sanctity of HUMAN life, and that it's OK and encouraged to hunt and harvest their own food.  Wouldn't you, as a liberal, be proud that they're not eating the poison junk food that you're trying to ban from public schools? 
Fifth, our dogs are respected as animals and in no way endanger our children.  I once said I'd never let a pit bull live on this land.  I was so misguided and mistaken because of the negative media attention this breed attracts.  A dog is a dog.  Period.  Safety measures and common sense should always be used when allowing children around dogs-especially ones large and powerful in strength.  I know true accidents have happened in the past, but so have many tragedies that could have been prevented.  At the end of the day, a dog is still a dog.  Even the best dog can 'snap' under certain circumstances.  Unfortunately, this breed has been sadly blamed for many situations that have stemmed from poor decisions and a lack of common sense.  Our catch dogs have proven to be our sweetest, gentlest, most protective, and good natured dogs that we've ever had.  We love them dearly.  We also take precautions as with any dog around our children. 
And finally, I ask you to prayerfully consider where better you could invest your time, energy, and finances.  There are children and adults being sold in sex trafficking right here in our country.  Women and families being destroyed for the sake of aborting an 'inconvenient' child.  Like I mentioned before this letter, the rights to bear arms, to worship and serve Christ, and to remain free-are under major attack daily.  Further legislation and laws against such isolated incidents as 'dog fighting' should NOT continue to hinder the family sport of hog hunting.
A Louisiana Hog Hunting Family
NOTE:  In no way was this letter written to stir hate.  Only to make you, others, and the people pushing to abolish our sport aware of the truth.  I encourage you to pay attention to your state and national legislation so as these rights are not terminated before we even knew they were at risk.
Do your homework.  Stand up for this sport.  Encourage your state representatives to do the same.

ATTENTION:  While I will not include links as to boost their page viewings, I am aware of more than one site and/or group of people that are actively seeking to take away our rights to hunt hogs and to hunt with our dogs.  However I have NO way to prove their authenticity.  I just don't know if their bite is as big as their bark-pun intended.  Our job needs to be to match the voices of these groups to our legislators and representatives-when necessary.
If you are aware of any specific proposals, laws being drafted, petitions, or any other action of the like against our rights, please comment with specifics below.  Consider joining your local dog hunting association.  If there isn't one-start one.  We need to be paying attention to what these groups of people are doing and be ready to counter their voices with our own.



  1. A great article and well said. So true. My husband is a big hog hunter in Louisiana and enjoys it very much. In fact that is the only sport he enjoys. We have two pit bull catch dogs and four bay dogs. The pit's are so sweet and playful. Once again I enjoyed your article and every bit is true.

  2. well ever thing this country was builded on is under attack

  3. Thank you!! We love to hog hunt and are under constant scutiny!!

  4. Wild hogs around here are scary. One that my husband killed after he and my daughter were walking behind our house was over 400 pounds. No one will ever call them defenseless after seeing their huge tusks. Lethal is more like it.

  5. Please add my signature as I am in complete agreement. My husband, 12 year old son, 9 year old daughter and myself, hunt as a family as well. It's a way to spend quality time with your children while teaching them the importance of caring for dogs as well as being able to provide food in the years to come. It looks like we will be surviving on our own "common sense", if things continue in the way they are going. Thank you for taking time to write the letter and I will be name is Jennifer Mullis from Northport, Alabama. Thank You, and happy hunting!! P.S. Those of us that know this sport know that our dogs love what they do, and my dogs are more loyal than most people I know :-)

  6. Thank yall for your input-there are so many of us that feel this same way! Jennifer Mullis-I have your information-thanks again! :)

  7. Thank you for writing this. I recently was under attack by several people about how I abuse my Pitbulls and how it's so mean that I let our dogs bark at and catch these poor defenseless hogs. At the time, the group of people that hated on my dogs because of their breed and the people who hate hog hunting, seemed so big and I felt like I was outnumbered. The more research I've done and especially coming across this article, makes me realize that I'm not alone in this fight to protect this sport and the dogs that love to do it. Thank you again for writing this and thank you for reminding me to never let anyone scare me out of standing up for what is right.

  8. Christy Dumos (Five D. Hog Dogs)March 8, 2014 at 8:36 PM

    Hooray For You..So glad you posted this.. I vote with you...

  9. Amen.....I couldn't have said it better husband and daughter love hog hunting and as a FAMILY we enjoy going to the BAY pens and spending time with some great friends..... please add my signature!! My name is Tina Cole from Evadale Texas.... these people will not think it's so cute if one of their family members ever come face to face with a wild hog.....

  10. I couldn't have said it better husband and daughter love hunting the woods together and as a FAMILY we love going to the BAY (not fight) pens to work our dogs and spend time with some great friends.... these hogs are not cute and sweet animals ....the ones trying to pass this law has never seen a wild hog before I'm sure..... so yes please post my name I support you name is Tina Cole from Evadale Texas....

  11. Amen.....I couldn't have said it better husband and daughter love hog hunting and as a FAMILY we enjoy going to the BAY pens and spending time with some great friends..... please add my signature!! My name is Tina Cole from Evadale Texas.... these people will not think it's so cute if one of their family members ever come face to face with a wild hog.....

  12. Great article..I think each that states wildlife and fisheries leaders should read this. Maybe we can keep the sport going on some state lands(pearl river)i.e no helicopters shooters and maybe get hog hunting with dogs allowed (alabama) in other states. Ric Overstreet

  13. The more of us that stand up for our beleives and values the better off this county will be. It has come the time to set aside the bible and pickup the sword. Fight for what your heart believes or our heritage will be lost.. Rowdy Reynolds

  14. The time has come to lay down the bible and pickup the sword. Fight for our heritage or lose it forever. We must stand up Now!

  15. Thank you for putting this out there! We must come together and stand together against these people and groups that are trying to take away our heritage and traditions!! As the producer of Uncle Earls and a dog hunter myself I am asking everyone that hunts with dogs to call your representatives and voice your opposition to this bill and ask them to vote against it


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