Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Daily Joy

Oh poor, dear blog, how I’ve missed your posts!  I love looking over the words that are so dear to my heart, the pictures that have captured forever moments for our family, and the sense of accomplishment behind knowing that I’ve recorded a moment of our history!  If only I had you back in my schedule…..

Oh yes, that would be my own fault now wouldn’t it?  Life is busy, the children are growing, the land and house call for more attention than I have to give, and the days have flown by without sitting down to capture the memories!  So, once again, I’m back to my blog and excited to be here! 
So many moments to share and so little blog space for the night.  So, I’m going to touch on the highlights of the last couple of months!  And of course, a picture is worth a thousand words! 

Alaina, Cass, and Cousin Tucker
Aiden has finished his first half of first grade with flying colors!  And we’re off to a great start for the remainder of the year!  I enjoy so much being able to be near him throughout the school days, it’s something that’s very near and dear to both of our hearts!  And that update will be later in the post!

Gracie LOVES dance and did so good at her first recital!  I love to see my baby girl growing up and the beautiful, sweet, perfect daughter that I’ve been given!  I can’t believe she’ll be starting school next year but I know she’s ready and will do great!

Little man Cass, just as busy as ever and always bringing smiles to our faces and laughter from our hearts!  Hard to believe the little guy is fast and full speed ahead into his 2 year old days!  He absolutely loves the movie tangled (yes, there’s manly parts in there) and his Choo Choo’s!  My little wild thing had his first trip to the dentist after falling on his mouth (nothing new) and getting a gray tooth (now that....broke my heart).  Good news is that the nerve is still alive, sad news is that it's permanently bruised, and sweet news is that big sister held his hand and comforted him the whole time!

Alaina Jade, growing so fast and gracefully, such a special part of our family!  We love our time with each other and it’s become quite the tradition that she (and Gracie too) offer to help me cook!  They’re good at it too and we’ve put together some great meals!  As of Christmas, we all three have our own aprons on the hook in the kitchen and a whole lot of new supplies to make the magic happen!

An then my husband!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love that man?  I love him more today than I did even yesterday and even more....I'm still very much IN love with him!  A good, strong, loving man, he works so hard to take care of us.  We miss him while he's away and hope that in the not so far off years to come he'll be able to come home to work.  Until then, we're going to make the best of what we've got!  Coon dogs....everywhere!  Some really great ones too.  I will be sure to post pictures and get that blog up and rolling soon too!  On a not so canine note....look at the wonderful surprise I got at work the other day!  And, the kids ready for a fun family night of coon hunting.  We had a blast! :)


Life goes on with laughter, challenges, and days of craziness in a house with Tommy, myself, and all
of our little people!  The days are good, the memories are made, and even the hard times bring about a part of our memories together!  God is good to us, we are blessed, and it’s always my goal to keep that at the front of our busy, hectic, and at times discouraging days!  Simple.  I strive for simple.  In the meantime….life happens and the Lord blesses the work of my hands.  THANK GOD for that because on my own, well, we won’t even think about that possibility!
On another note, I’ve had some big changes happen in the past few months.  Our daily life has taken on a different tune and I promise you that the music is upbeat, fast, unpredictable, and joyous!  I went back to work at the end of October.  Not just a job, but an amazing job.  A job that daily reminds me of God’s will and fits perfect with our family!  I started working at Aiden’s school, a Christian Academy, as an aide working with the 3 year old PreSchool program.  So not only do I get to work with little ones in a Christ centered environment, but I get to do it while watching an amazing school grow right alongside my own children!  It was bittersweet to leave my weekly role at the ProLife pregnancy center I volunteered at, but a very special lesson that sometimes God calls us in other directions….even when we’re already on a great path!  And LifeChoices, I love everything about all of you, my memories are so dear, and you will always have a very special place in my heart.  I thank God for leading me to you, and I look forward to always being a part of your ministry and the wonderful family I made there!
To have a peek into our PreSchool blog, go here
Life is never perfect, I am everything but that, and hard times always find their way into the best of our days.  But with my eyes on Jesus, I know where I am, and that’s right where He wants me to be.  While our days are filled with the craziness of life with 4 kids, a full time job, a husband who works away from home, and a world around us that’s so broken….I have a peace and a joy that can’t be duplicated by anything this world has to offer.  And I hope that today, you have that peace too! 
God Bless!

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