Saturday, October 5, 2013

Little Brother, Little Sister

Little Brother, Little Sister....How I Love You!
 If there's anything we learn as we age, it's that life will always change.  This year I see, that our roles transform as we move from one year to the next.  Always intertwined with the roles of those we love, there comes a season when our places become unrecognizable, different, and eventually we trade responsibilities all together.  About the time we start figuring that out, it becomes clear that it's different with every relationship.  The seasons of our life change.  Sometimes we want them to.  Sometimes we don't.  Sometimes we don't see until we look around and realize that it's a different time.  And we have a new job to accomplish.
Every storm weathered has it's cost.  Flooded fields, downed power lines, or damaged roads.  What I want you to always see is the growth, the new life that comes after one of these times.  Just as rainwater and the following sun rays bring new plants to life, so does our heart heal and live happy once again.  God's funny like that....if we just slow down and look around us we can see.  See that He has and always will care for us more than He ever has a simple bird in the sky, or flower in the field.  And even they are counted, loved, and clothed in beauty. 
Always stand up for what's right!!!  Don't be surprised to see what a minority you are!  Take courage in that and stand strong!  When in doubt, read the Bible and pray...God will always make it clear!
When you need a friend, and I promise you that you always will....I've found they're so few and far between.  And if you look at your life, the ones you need are already there-they always have been!  Be yourself with everyone.  Share your life with some.  Trust few.  And always trust Jesus.  God knows your heart, your thoughts, your everything-before even you do.  He is the ONE you will never have to be good enough for, and who will always be there.
People will always disappoint you!  If you're like me, you'll continue to allow them into your life.  Find comfort in that shows how good and true your heart really is!  Don't be afraid to step away from the toxic people in your life.  Sadly, they will be there and always try to find their way in.  Never be afraid to let the joy of your heart and life try to rub off on theirs.  If it doesn't, don't feel bad about walking away.  Life is too precious, too short, and too important to waste on such matters.
We live in a fallen, broken, unfair world.  It is what it is, and will be that way until Jesus comes back.  Today, right now, all of these broken moments....are but a blink of eternity!  Once this life passes, we have forever to be in the arms and peace of a perfect Savior.  He is the only perfect, faultless, solid thing we have to hold until that time.  Until then, find the joy.  Find it in giving thanks and counting the small, beautiful blessings around you.  You'll begin to see that the simple, the small, the 'normal' fact they are the extraordinary.  They are blessings.  They are the things which cannot be broken and stolen away.
Treasure what's been left behind.  See the lessons and memories of his life in the gifts and legacy he's given us.
Choose joy.
Choose to love.  Share that in small acts of kindness to those you know...and those you don't.
Laugh at yourself.  And never be afraid to be a pirate!
And when all else fails.....
I'm your sister.  I'm your friend.  I love you.  I like you.  I pray for you.  And I will ALWAYS be here for you!  No matter how old you get!

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