Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Wonder

Louisiana Snow

These cypress knees have seen snow very few times in the many years they've grown in this swamp.

This long county road isn't accustomed to the white visitor that graced it's surface twice within the week, with the possibility of a soon return.

'Snow day' isn't usually a part of their vocabulary.

Sometimes the craziest kid of all comes disguised as a grown up!

Little cheeks accustomed to heat waves grow rosy with the chill.

Tonka truck beds fill with a good dose from Jack Frost.

Cocoa with sugar cookie marshmallows warm little bodies, as family memories warm their hearts.

This week you can find me over at HOMESCHOOL SURVIVAL blogging about a time old tradition that serves well in the classroom!  Do visit?  I hope you'll enjoy! 

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  1. It's funny you posted this because my husband and I have been discussing moving to Louisiana to get away from the snow!!(and Pennsylvania's ridiculous homeschool regulations) I'll have to show these pictures to him!


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