Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Farmers On The Job

Hello there from HOT, DRY Louisiana!  We are still fighting the lack of water, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  In the meantime, our squash have been revived and the good Lord continues to bless us with an abundance of harvest, even amidst the unusual earliness of extreme heat and drought.  The garden continues to grow, my canner proudly stays on my stove these days, and we stay busy between summer days and food preserving!  Oh, and the turkey died.....after 2 weeks of catering to the poor little fella, all of the side effects of having a baby turkey in my entry way and then on the porch.  All for nothing.....sniff sniff. 

I'd like to share a little bit about our family and why we are choosing to follow a more simpler lifestyle.  This is something that's come with time and although we've taken huge steps, we still have a long way to go to meet our goals.  There are several reasons we're making such changes around here.  One of those is health.  Another is that it's practical.  Yet another is that it fills our family's days with the real lessons of life instead of so much 'junk' the world offers these days.  It's fulfilling.  It's simple. just makes sense. 

What makes the most sense is how this impacts our children and their future.  I could go on and on about the lifestyle, character, and values we're trying to nurture in their lives and through example.  We strive to parent the way God intends and sure enough, we find such strength in doing that when we do other things that God intends growing our own food instead of getting it processed to death at a local discount store.  And yes, I still buy groceries and store bought 'organic' food is not something I buy into or purchase.  No, we're just making the biggest differences where we can, and as time goes on hopefully those differences will continue to grow.  In the meantime, I trust He who holds our family's health and future in His hands! 

These children, they are at the center of everything Tommy and I do, and the reason why we do.  Not only  are we teaching them life lessons, but practical lessons.  Gardening and food preserving is a dying art.  In this family it's being revived and passed to my children.  It doesn't take the fall of a nation or another depression to leave family pantries bare these days.  What about natural disasters?  Sickness in the family?  A husband who loses his job?  There are many, many reasons why it's important to know how to use what you've been given to make things work sometimes!

And perhaps the greatest thing we're passing to our children?  The joy in being simple.  The joy in the work.  The satisfaction at what they've accomplished.  And certainly not least important....the awe of just what the Lord has designed and blessed us with.

Yes, there's EVERY reason to learn, experience with, and pass this life to our children.  And there's certainly no reason not to! 

And may I say that they ENJOY it.  They're learning it right along side this Mama and we're loving it together!  They really know what they're doing and they're good at it!  I wanted to share some pictures from around here this week, most of which include captured moments of my children playing such important parts in making this farm go 'round! 

I wasn't able to post for Father's Day yesterday.  So let me just say tonight that I am married to an amazing man.  A good, good man who values what is right and has passed that to our children.  They are so blessed to call him Daddy.  These pictures have been taken while he's at work, so's some pictures to make you proud!  HAPPY FATHERS DAY!  WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!

With these three, ANYTHING is possible!  They're hard at work on an engineering project!  Three minds together in this family means.....

Success!!!!  It looks like they've about got it!

The idea started here!  At first it involved Cass with a big red shovel, a rope, that four wheeler, and the big kids trying to climb the tree!  But apparently plans changed, it seems little man may be the head honcho here!

Aiden stringing up peppers!  He got the whole bunch of them on there and we were able to hang them up to dry!
Shelling peas is a family affair!  They loved it, they enjoyed it, and we got through them that day!  And then found a few laying throughout the house today......I wonder who ever could have done that???  They've loved every part of this, from planting, to picking, and putting up the food.  I'm so proud that they've been a part of it all!

Some of the harvest, so nicely arranged by Aiden himself.  I feel good knowing he takes pride in his work!  We picked together, then he organized and arranged on the counter top for me!

Making tomato juice for my husband.....with my makeshift sieve/food mill type of concept!  It worked!  Then Tommy asked why I didn't just use a pillowcase or sheet, that that's what his Papaw use to do. made perfect sense!  Next time I'll be all over that idea!

Some more beautiful cans to put up!  This has quickly become a passion!  I'm LOVIN' it!

God Bless everyone and have a wonderful week!  Remember where your help comes from and how your needs our met!  Dont' forget to thank God for what you've been given today!

Proud to be a part of Homestead Revival's Monday Linkups!  So much great sharing!

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  1. You have a beautiful family! I love this post... it explains very well a lot of the reasons why we are working towards having a homestead. I also love your view of doing what you can where you can. Love your blog and can't wait to read more! I'd love to see more pics of your homestead too! :)


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