Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Beautiful Girl, A Precious Heart

It is my greatest calling to raise my children in the way that God intends.  I aim to raise my daughters to be Godly women, homemakers, and women after His own heart.  I aim to raise these boys to be Godly men, heads of their own homes and families the way that God intends.  I fall so short more times than I care to admit.  But thankfully, I'm not in this alone.  The love of Christ and the grace of God is bigger than I will ever be, and greater than any of my mistakes.

Last night, my sweet baby girl cut her own hair.  We cried.  I wanted to be angry with her, but mostly, I was just sad.  I hope more than anything, I've given the right reaction to this event.  She's perhaps even more sad than I.  She knew even before I was aware of the haircutting fest that she had done wrong.  Even more, she feels a sense of loss over what she loves to call her 'princess hair'.  Today at the beautician, she cried again because she didn't want to 'let it go' and have shorter hair.  And even once more when she said, "what about braids?"  So this precious child of mine is left to deal with the sense of loss and an action she can't take back....even if it us JUST over her hair.

The haircut itself has no eternal consequences.  Hair is just hair, it will grow back.  My reaction however, could mean many things to her tender heart and growing mind.  So....I mourned with her.  Then I dusted off my own pride and remembered my role here.  My role is to remind her that she's ALWAYS beautiful, even if she were to have no hair at all.  To make sure she absolutely knows that she will always be a princess.  Yes, she cut her hair.  Her reaction and heartache is discipline enough.  My reaction is to be one of encouragement and of teaching.  A lesson that yes, we wish her hair was still long.  But that it WILL grow back.  Not today, not tomorrow, but over time.

As we left the beauty shop, she hugged my neck and told me, "Mommy I not going to cut my hair eh-er again, okay Mommy?".  My job is to help her see, to help her know, that she is still and will always be beautiful.  Hair is just hair.  But her heart.....that has been entrusted to me.  To love, protect, nurture, and point in the direction of Christ.  There will be days in her life that I will let her down, no matter how hard I try.  I pray these never come and that if they do they will be few and in such small ways.  I  thank God His grace will be enough for her....and she will grow to the wonderful woman that He intends.  Because on the days that I won't be perfect for her....HE WILL!   

I love you Gracie girl!  You are as beautiful today as you were yesterday and will be tomorrow.  Short hair, long hair, or no hair.  You are beautiful because you are YOU!


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  1. Boy have I been on that journey..many times with 4 girls. You are will grow back.I think they saw me get mad when they cut the other girls hair.I felt like it was a violation on the other sister...but most times we evened it up..and went own. Now one of them her two oldest daughters has recently cut her hair.Lol she said mom I remembered when I cut my just will grow back..and took the scissors away..with a warning on using them.She said I did the same 3 generations of cutting their Girls!!
    You are doing an awesome job!! And they will remember these times.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


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