Sunday, August 26, 2012

Turkey Enchiladas & Family Tradition

A very special gift!  It came at Christmas this last year from my Mom!  My little sister got one too!  It's one of those priceless, irreplacable, heirloom gifts that I will guard like treasure to give to my own little girl one day!
You see, we grew up in the kitchen with Mom!  I was eating Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie dough before I was even walking if I'm guessing correctly!  I still have and treasure my first cookbooks recieved as a child!  I have many memories of Christmas Cookies and all kinds of other goodies...made with a chair pulled up to Mom's counter.
Added to these memories are the ones we now create in my home, with Mom's Grandbabies.  The same memories, only I've shifted roles and my children have filled the spots in those chairs scooted close to the kitchen counter!
These aren't only lessons in cooking, but lessons in love, in having a great Mom, and in learning to be one.  Recieving the gift or nurturing that I now pass to my own husband and children.  And perhaps the most priceless of all....the joy of family.  Loving my Mom.  Being loved by her.  My children loving me.  And loving them right on back!
So this gift meant so much and is one of my favorite things to ever have recieved.  I wish I could share each and every page with you, but I can at least share the one that preceeds the Turkey Enchilada Recipe!  Each section is filled with family photographs, dated generations back and finally complete with a family photo including my little Gracie with me and both of her Grandma's (and the men too).  Mom has carefully handwritten the captions under each photograph. 
Recipes included are those of my Mom and my Grandma, with blank pages for each generation to add to the collection.  As for me, I know I'll be adding my Pear Preserve recipe and some other carefully chosen dishes.  It takes alot to be inducted into this family recipe hall of fame you see :).  And the recipe below is just one of those!  So I hope you enjoy!
Turkey Enchiladas
This recipe filled one large baking dish-bigger than a 9x13 which we will eat on for several days and I'll share with my co-workers tomorrow.  The second is a disposable pan I happened to have on hand-and it's going right into the freezer, before being cooked.  Perfect for a quick family meal or to share with a friend who may be down or in need of a little help!

And here is the beautiful, scrumptious result!  :)  There's nothing quite like this dish, it's a real treat, and leftovers are even better!  Sure do wish this picture could do it justice!

2-10 oz. cans mild enchilada sauce
2-10 oz. cans hot enchilada sauce
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 small can diced green chili's (4oz.)
6 cups chopped left over turkey
24-medium size flour tortillas
1 lb.  Longhorn cheese (Colby, etc.), grated
1 lb.  Monterey Jack cheese, grated
1 small can sliced olives-optional

In a large mixing bowl mix all canned ingredients.  Mix half of canned mixture with turkey.  Heat tortillas 1 @ a time on a skilled.  Spread 2 large spoon fulls of turkey mixture on tortilla.  Cover with cheese and roll.  Place in 9x13 pan sprayed with PAM.  Repeat until all tortillas are used up or until all turkey mixture is gone.  If leftover turkey, spread over enchiladas.  Then pour remaining canned mixture over enchiladas and cover with remaining cheese.  Top with olives if desired.  Place in 300 degree oven until cheese has melted and it bubbles around the edged.  (I cover with foil to bake).  Approx 35 minutes

Jen's NOTE:  I had to bake these much longer and kick the heat up towards the end-may be an altitude thing, so just play with the temp and time, watching them closely.  I also remove the foil for the last few minutes to get that crispiness around those tortilla edges that are poking out! :)

Serve with sour cream, lettuce, salad, Spanish rice, refried beans, and/or chips!

This recipe is great right around the holidays with all of that leftover Turkey.  I made them just today and the kids all loved them and Gobbled them up....haha, yes that's a joke ;).  It works great in a meal planning scheme also.  I baked a Turkey yesterday for dinner.  Today we had these enchiladas, which we'll also have for lunch tomorrow at school.  The next day we'll have Turkey Sandwiches.  Pretty good menu if you ask me! 

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