Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh How I Love Them!

Grandma and Grandpa, two of my favorite people in this whole world. (Three counting my daughter, just a baby in this picture!)  Not everyone has been as blessed as I have, to grow up so close to such wonderful Grandparents!

I came across this picture tonight and it has lifted my heart, as they've been on my mind all day, everday these past couple of weeks!  These two have had a huge role in shaping who I am today, embedding in me the love and sense of family that make my world go 'round!

Just a couple of weeks and I will be able to breathe in the scent of them with many long awaited hugs!  And get to watch them pour these same things into my little ones.  I smile at the years of wonderful memories they've created in my life....

1.   Spending the night at their house.
2.   Home again, home again, jiggety jig!
3.   The always tender words of "This too shall pass".
4.   Many a summer at the Blue Forest.
5.   Treasure after treasure of tenderly guarded rocks, gems, and pieces of wood.
6.   Learning how to cut the iris' down for the winter.
7.   Enjoying the birds in the birdhouses.
8.   'Pet' squirrels just out the window.
9.   Rhubarb fresh from the plant, dipped in little dixie cups filled with sugar.
10. That wonderful smell that only they have, it always means home.
11. Customized haunted houses in the basement, brought to you by Grandpa.
12. The jokes....oh the jokes!
13. Green beards, bellies, and everything in between!
14. Books, always lots of good books.
15. Puzzling
16. The best apple pie on the entire planet!
17. Oh I have to say this one....Grandpa's blue truck meets the pole at the Artic Circle    Drive through :(
18. Roast beef and gravy.  Chicken and dumplings.  Turkey dinners.  Oyster omelets.
19. And ugh....that leads me to Stinky Cheese!!!
20. The organ with books and cassette things to play along.
21. Thomas Kincaid and cottages!
22. Watching him tickle her with jewelry time and time again!
23.  Intarsia and rock saws.
24.  Learning to facet.
25.  Cozy slippers and 'Z' shoes.
25.  Ma-moo from baby Nessie's mouth.
26.  The fold out sofa, with hidden tubes of toothpaste to snack on after bedtime (weird, I know!)
27.  The clean and wonderful smell of the laundry room!
28.  The bees on the bush/tree outside the back door.
29.  Here he lies, cold and hard, the last *-!@ dog that ......
30.  Laying my baby hamsters to rest in the front flower bed.
31.  Baths in the jet tub!
32.  The hamper in the hall closet.
33.  The green carpet that use to live in the office.
34.  Ironing being an art of relaxation.
35.  The best home math tutor you can ask for.
26.  Newspapers and The Enquirer.
27.  Toby Keith and Animal Planet.
28.  The Rainbow Bright movie and stuffed puppy dog!
29.  Around and around the downstairs pole.
30.  The many tours and lessons on the treasures downstairs....I do believe my Grandpa himself has been Green River's best kept Treasure!
31.  Field trips to their house to learn about petrified wood.
32.  The discovery of Rachel Rae.
33.  The room size humidifier and swamp cooler above.
34.  A horny-toad smuggled from the Blue Forrest!

And so many more.  Pieces of treasure that are forever in my heart and more dear to me than I could ever share!  I can't wait to get home this summer get my hands on these two.  Home in my heart will always be with these gifts they've given so freely....even 50 years from now when I hope to be passing these gifts to my own Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren! 

I LOVE YOU GRANDMA & GRANDPA!  Thank you for always being you!  See you soon!


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