Friday, November 15, 2013

Gracie Elizabeth Sheree


My Girl

Always know that you were fearfully and wonderfully made....
the only YOU that God gave this world!
You are a blessing to your Daddy and me!  One of the greatest gifts that God has ever given to our lives!
These other 3 love you wildly and free....and I pray you will always treasure the gift of each other!
They loved you first, and you've loved them since!  Here and in heaven, you are still their great baby girl!
And the 'Grands'... lets just call them 5 of your biggest fans!  Gracie Elizabeth Sheree.... you too are blessed my dear!
And loved, and loved, and loved some more....
ALWAYS loved past your wildest the One Maker, our ONE TRUE KING! 
I pray our love will be a reflection of our Savior towards you....
And that you will always know the only one, perfect love of Jesus.
How much He treasures you.
Yes YOU!
Your are His child first, then thankfully entrusted to us!
Never forget...He has plans for you.  To prosper you, and not to harm you!  My sweet girl, I love living this life with you!  You are loved and cherished more than we could ever tell you.  So I pray, that we can and always will show you.
You, my baby girl, are a gift!


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  1. Love this! Happy birthday, gracie girl!!! The first pic melts my heart! She is too cute for words!! Love that sweet girl!!


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