Saturday, November 9, 2013

Starting Supplies 101


Long story short....
Little sister needs a supply list to begin crocheting!
Big sister wants to help!
Said sisters are located 5 states away from each other!
Blog post serves as an easier and faster way to give her the info!
Blog post could also help someone else!  So.....
You only need 3 basics to begin
1. Crochet Needle
2. Yarn
3.  To know the stitch
Get it?  Got it?  Good....
This picture shows a selection of various needles!  I generally use the H/5mm needle for most projects.  I use it with regular weight yard (info to follow).  So, start with a size H/5mm Crochet Needle.  You'll use the others after you get the hang of things, start using other yarns, ect. And a yarn needle comes in handy as well (small one the opposite way than the others).

Every yarn I've used lists the needle to be used with it.  This says 5.5, I still use my 5mm.  One needle means crochet, two means knitting!

Here's some examples of some average weight yarn.  Yes, it has an official name or number, I think maybe a 4 something?  I don't pay much attention to that, but if you really feel the the labels and compare! LOL!
I use that weight of yarn and the H/5mm needle to make projects like this unfinished one!
And of course the famous owl purse!  This purse is made with that Sugar & Cream Yarn you see above!  Something about it makes it more coarse than the others of the same weight.  It also comes in smaller skeins (that's a 'thing' of yarn) and cute funky colors for the kids!
And these!
You'll get the hang of it in no time!  You are so creative and crafty, that you'll be doing what I do....using patterns for reference only or not at all!  Until then, learn a stitch or two and start with something basic!
As SOON as you get the feel for the needle.....I say venture into some Sashay yarn!  I just started and cannot believe how easy and affordable these kind of scarves are to make! 

The yarn will look like this-this is the one I'm working with and the black is another unopened skein to show you before it's opened!  They are small skeins and cost more, but it goes SO far!  See the pattern behind the needle?  That's the yarn itself when stretched out!  If you buy this type of yarn, get you a J/6mm needle-that works so well!

Here's a scarf I made this morning, in just a couple of hours....including the time away to handle kids, figure out the feel for the yarn, ect....


And I made this scarf for Gracie girl last night!  Same thing....I made it in one sitting and barely used ANY of the skein of yarn!
So, here's what you need....
1.  Yarn-regular weight to start (2 average skeins for an easy scarf and you should have plenty leftover).
2. Size H/5mm Crochet Needle
(Yarn Needle optional)
3.  Grandma and/or me to teach you a basic stitch
Then, you can crochet away!  Be's in your blood, you'll be hooked!  Oh my...hooked...get it?  Crochet Hooked?!?!  You know I just cracked you up too Nessie!!!
If you wanna buy for the Sashay, get....
1.  A skein of the Sashay style yarn
2. a Size J/6mm Crochet Needle
So, finish your movie and go shopping!   LOVE & MISS YOU!!!!
Big Sister


  1. Love this!!! Sweet sisters :) and makes me want to learn crochet!!

  2. Thank you! I miss her! And I can teach you in no time at all!!!


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