Monday, May 30, 2011

Sharing some great reading!

So I want to take a minute to share some great reading I've found!  It's taken me a little while to get accustomed to the 'blogging' world but I think I'm making progress!  So to share some of my favorites, I hope you'll too enjoy!  Remember they're only as far away as your fingertips are from your keyboard!  Just click on the buttons and it should link you right to them!

Homestead Revival was one of my first blogs to read!  And look where I've gone since then!  This is a great site about getting back to the basics of living off the land, strengthening the family, and building community.  But I could never do her justice, so give the site a visit and know this is where you will find great encouragement, weekly homestead barn hops, preparedness challenges, and much more!

Another of the first blogs I was ever introduced to is Country Blossom!  She encourages me towards simplicity and such and I love her updates.  Very much grounded in her faith and family, I enjoy reading her posts about family and homemaking!


Now onto Raising Homemakers!  I am proud to be raising a homemaker in Gracie!  There's nothing wrong with her wanting to grow up to be a Mommy!  Too often today this calling to raise our children and build our homes is overlooked, mocked, and under appreciated for the glory that it brings the Lord!  This is a great week to check out their site!  It's their 1st Anniversary and they're hosting some great giveaways!  They also do a weekly linkup on Wednesdays!
                                                                         Raising Homemakers

The next one caught my attention with her book and postings on raising boys!  I love the authors scriptural and biblical perspectives at Warrior Prayers!  I plan to and look forward to reading her book and taking the 21 day prayer challenge for my boys! Just glanced and saw that her next challenge begins June 8th!  Can't wait!


This next one caught my attention just days ago and I don't know if I've ever felt so at home in a blog as I did at A Holy Experience!  I've been introduced to the world of Upside Down Blogging and I'm hooked!  I love the authors honesty and can relate so much to her feelings!  I look forward to reading more!

         holy experience

There's a few for you and I do hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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  1. Awwww.... thank you for such kind comments about Homestead Revival!


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