Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Two Years Ago

Just two years ago yesterday, we welcomed the sweetest, most amazing red headed baby boy into our lives! 

Cass Lee has become such a special part of our family, bringing us all more joy than we ever could have imagined! 

His smile lights up the entire room and it's always been as if every part of this little guy just glows when that grin comes across his face!

So in honor of our sweet little birthday boy, let me share his special day with all of you!  Cass Lee, you have been such a gift and it's so much fun watching you grow up, keep up with the big kids, and to share our days with you!  We love you little man!

And to brag a little before.....can you believe Cass has been peeing on the potty time and time again, even before his second birthday?  A little more time and commitment from Mommy and little man will have himself potty trained!!!  And as Tommy says, I will be embarrassing him for the rest of his life!

Birthday boy!  Ready for his party!

A look at the table before his guests arrive!

Look at him trying to blow out those candles!

He got so excited and just knew this was a moment to clap and say "YAY"!

Mmm mmm, that's some gooooood stuff!

Present time!  He had three helpers!  This sweet little boy wanted to stop and play with each toy, wasn't even worried about opening the next ones!

Now that there's a fittin' fine hat isn't it?

Soooo excited about this present from Grandma!  Look at that expression on him!  He loved this helicopter toy and has dragged it (literally) all over the house!

And of course we've gotta love the trucks!

 Baby Tucker is tuckered out at his first party!

And we can't leave out the after picture!  What a perfect end to a day full of partying......


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