Saturday, September 3, 2011

All About The Child

It's coming a flood down this long dirt road today.  The long, soak the ground, good kind of rain that we often find ourselves wishing for!  Other than that, we're in the clear.  We live high enough up in the state of Louisiana to really feel any out of the ordinary effects from a hurricane or tropical storm.  Unless that is, you want to consider being right along the evacuation route which at times brings long lines of traffic from people moving inland to avoid a horrible storm.  That however, is not the case this time.  I've only seen it once, and that was before the hurricane that followed Katrina.  Every radio station played evacuation messages and told information of what was available where, car after truck after bus after ambulance drove their way to safety.  But it doesn't happen often.

Yesterday was a long day made into a fun mini getaway for our visit to Shriner's Hospital with Aiden!  We had a long wait, as the orthopedics department proved to be busier than they expected.  We only have room for gratitude there, because they are always so good, so joyful, and ready to provide anything that Aiden needs.  And nowhere else will you find a lobby and cafeteria (gym included) at our complete disposal for play and entertainment!

A picture of Gracie and Cass playing during our wait.  This is only one in a long line of rideable toys there for the children's enjoyment!

Aiden playing on the touchscreen game system in the internet and gaming corner of the lobby!  We will be sure to post pictures of his new brace in the near future!  He's excited to get back to school on Tuesday to show his class!

These are only small peeks of an AWESOME place for the kids to play, parents to wait, and children to be able to forget any anxiety they may have about being at the hospital.  You are always sure to have a conversation with an employee that will brighten  your day or focus on making your kids feel great about themselves.  GREAT place.  Please remember this anytime you come across a fundraiser for Shriner's Children's Hospitals!  It truly is all about the kids....the WHOLE child and family!

Princess ballerina Gracie!  Dance bag in tote and tap shoes on hand!  Ready for dance class!


He's ready to go!  First grade, here he comes!  We've lost another tooth since this picture!  He's so wise, telling Gracie the other night that, "back in princess times people rode in carriages.  And they even lived in giant castles."  I love this little boy, and it's so neat and entertaining to watch him think and speak for himself about the world around him!


Gena and Tucker!  Today I hope to catch up on some much needed new nephew bonding time!


Gracie loves her baby cousin!  She daily pulls out all of the stops in an attempt to get to Tucker!  The other night she informed me of a conversation I strangely don't remember....."Mom, e-member you said we go see Gena's baby when it got dark?"

Sweet, sweet Tucker Wade!  How well I know he won't be tiny for long!  Before you know it he'll be giving these kids a run for their money!

And now, it's off to deal with the natural disaster that strangely hasn't been broadcast on The Weather Channel or local news.  The tornado that has swept through this home!!!  Busy day ahead but happy to be home with three of the little people that I love the very most in this world!!!

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