Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beautiful Baby Birthday Girl!

Gracie Elizabeth Sheree, our sweet little baby girl!  Okay, so maybe she's not exactly a baby these days but she will forever be our littlest girl!  This last week we celebrated her 4th birthday!  How quickly the time flies as they grow, discover the world around them, and fill our days with laughter and joy!  This little girl is such an important part of our family and I can't imagine life without her!

Beautiful.  Full of life.  Smart.  Funny.  Compassionate.  Special.  Fiesty.  Opinionated.  Sweet.  Loving.  How I love to watch her light shine!  I thank God for such an amazing daughter and love every day with her!

Ready for her bithday party!  I love the excitement that shines through this beautiful smile!

And of course, to share some pictures of the just how fast she's grown....

Grandpa Don and Grandma Betty loving their sweet Great Granddaughter!

Aiden and baby sister!  He's such a proud big brother (yes, I have to remember that when they rival each other these days)!  The day we brought her home from the hospital, we took her straight to him and sat her in the chair with him where he was watching cartoons.  I'll never forget....he waived me out of the way of the TV and said, "go far away Mom."  They were great together then and they're great together now!

Gracie girl getting lots of wisdom from Grandma Betty!  She's named after three Grandma's....Gracie (great-great Grandma) Elizabeth (great Grandma with her here) Sheree (nickname for Tommy's Mom who went to heaven 6 weeks before she was born).  So this little girl will forever carry with her the names of three wonderful woman who love her dearly, if even from heaven for two of them!
YAY for Grandma's!!!  We love and miss you Grandma!  We hope to make the cross-country trek again very soon to get our hands on this Grandma and another!

Sweet Christmas girl!

Papa......and baby Gracie!
And now back to today.....
Sassy sisters!  How great that these girls love each other like they do and have the gift of growing up together!

Dora Treasure Hunt Birthday cake!  We had maps and the kids got to have their very own goody bag treasure hunt!  First stop on the map was their Dora bags, then off to all kids of treasures like nail polish, coloring sheets, play-doh, bracelets, and candy!  Gracie loved it!  She was so proud to have her very own Birthday Treasure Hunt!

Hmmmm, I see some great thoughts taking place here!  Gracie and Popi, the infamous puller of her hair!

Blessed with friends and family, her day was full of feeling special and lots of great surprises!

And of course, the two baby boys of the family!  Cass Lee and Tucker Wade!

It doesn't seem too long ago when our baby girl was this tiny!  How fast they grow, how amazing they are, and how blessed I am to be the Mommy to such wonderful kids, and now the Aunt to this sweet little boy! 

Birthday party fun!  Yes, that's Daddy and Uncle Keith on the swings!

Is Daddy jumping out of the swing, or falling out due to his old age?!?!

And another laugh of the day.....Brenty (Britanny) thought she'd get more miles than this after her gas light went on!

Another beautiful birthday picture!

And my dear, sweet daughter Gracie, we love you so very much!  You are a gift to this family, a teacher to me just as I am to you, and a perfect example of a little girl growing into the beautiful person God has intended only YOU to be!  My prayer for you is that you always know Him, follow Him, and let Him forever be your knight in shining armor.  For you are His princess, He has great plans for your life, and a beautiful kingdom waiting for you once your work is done.  I'm so grateful to have been entrusted the great job of being your Mommy and I hope that will always bring glory to the wonderful One who created you, loves you, and is even now in your young age, ALWAYS in your heart.  He is your Protector, your Best Friend, and everything you'll ever search for in your life!  I pray you grow up knowing these things always, for that is the greatest gift that this Mommy will ever be able to share with you!  I love you beautiful girl!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE!!!!

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Hello - I loved being a part of Gracie's birthday ... love that the 'greats' were there. Family - there's nothing better!! I always enjoy stopping by ... cause, I love your site - come visit me anytime @


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