Friday, November 4, 2011

A Time To Give Thanks

It's so much easier to begin a blog post when I haven't waited an entire month since the last one!  But perhaps my blogging absence leaves much open space for a great post, filled with activities and pictures from one end of the month to the other!  And how my husband enjoys reading these pages while he's away at work!

The first of November has ushered in a new month, the beginning of a season we love in this home, and always so much room to be thankful!  Our days remain full of little voices, laughter, the challenges of a large family, and mostly....a ripe place to thank the Lord for all He shares with us in our life-filled weeks!  So today I want to share my thanks!

I am so thankful for this family!

A husband I love that works so very hard to provide for us.....

And who spends his days home enjoying our children, the woods, working what we've been blessed with, and of course....these priceless moments like Cass falling asleep in Daddy's arms on the 4-wheeler.

And of course, for never leaving us with a dull moment!  Yes, we tend to pay the light, water, and mortgage bills on most local hospitals and Dr.'s offices!

I am thankful for these little people!  Each and every one of the four!  For every moment of joy, busyness, snotty noses, temper-tantrums, and pride that comes along with miniature human family members!

For my little Woody the Sherrif and a school that leads him not only to a great education, but most importantly, to a daily knowledge of and walk with our Lord.  This school doesn't only teach my child, but helps to raise Him in the most important ways of all!

For our two smallest family members who bring laughter and light to the table with every part of their day....even the most hectic moments!

For the gifts of all of my children and the joy of watching them unfold as they grow!

For my little mother hen!  Sugar and spice all wrapped up pretty and nice in this beautiful little girl!  What a gift to raise a daughter who often teaches me more than I think I'm teaching her!

For this precious little red-headed final and perfect touch to our family!  Our little wild thing is so sweet and thinks he's grown.  If only I'd have known on the others what I know now....that being a Mom is about becoming who God has intended for me to be.  If it doesn't have eternal consequences, it's probably not worth losing sleep over!

For little Tucker's new life and light in our family!  For the answered prayers that got him here safe and sound.  And for the awesome moment of realizing that somehow I could love a little person so much that isn't even one of my own children!

For the small moments and memories of joy that seem like such a regular part of our everyday right now.  I'm not one to worry and fret over my children growing up.  You see, I'm too busy loving and enjoying them today to worry about days passing by.  I know that today is just as important as yesterday.  That each milestone reached is just the beginning of the next.  And that if I love and lead them today in His ways, God will take care of their tomorrows too.  He has way too much work for me to do today for me to worry about what the destination of each tomorrow will be. 

In John 14:6, Jesus does not say that He will show me the way, give me a road map, or tell me which direction to travel.  Instead, He told me that HE IS THE WAY.  So today, I'll focus my eyes and heart on Him alone.  And be so very thankful that it's that very real and powerful light of Christ that will reflect on my children and family.

Thank you Lord for all you give and yes, even for all you take away.  Today I stand in thanks for gifts received, lessons learned, and the clarity and perspective You give through hardships and struggle.  And I thank You for showing me where my help comes from, who I belong to, and where to lead these precious little children that you've entrusted to us.

And now, back to snotty noses, laundry, dishes, and playing referee to three lively, perfect, and amazing children while Daddy's away at work.  Please take a minute if you don't mind to pray for my children today, that the sickness' leave our house and stay away for as long as possible!  And on the bright side, at least we're knocking out a few illnesses at once!

Enjoy this month thinking about all you have to be thankful for!

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  1. Hi,
    I don't really know how I ended up on your blog, I just click link after link and I get drawn in!!LOL Anyway, I just wanted to send prayers your way for health and happiness for your family!! I have two boys ( 12 & 18 ) and I remember what it was like when they were little and the whole house was sick with something...not fun :( God Bless your home and all your family!! Happy Thanksgiving : )


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