Thursday, November 10, 2011

Words & Pictures

God's word.....ALIVE, POWERFUL, REAL, and ALWAYS TRUE!  Aiden asked me the other day if I've read the whole Bible yet.  That is a goal that I haven't neared the end of, no matter how many times I've intended to!  Perhaps I'm more of a student than accomplisher at heart when it comes to this.  I love to study God's word.  I love to see time and time again how he reaches us, soothes our heartaches, eases our worries, and becomes real through every word.  I could talk, analyze, and think until I'm blue in the face to no avail.  The power is in the word of God and oh how I love to soak it into my mind, absorb it in my heart, watch it work, and feel that peace as my days align with exactly what God has me to study.

Another amazing thing about His never gets old.  The learning never ends.  The revelations don't stop.  And mostly, His love never steps away from our lives.

I've spent alot of time thinking about a map.  I know I always want to know where I'm headed, what the solution will be, and how things will work themselves out.  Believing that they will hasn't always been the same as trusting that it's not my place to know the answers along the way.  Jesus told us that HE IS THE WAY.  This isn't the same as telling us he will show us the way, provide a road map, or a set of directions of how to get there.  So instead of needing all of the answers for tomorrow, I'm simply going to put my trust in the fact that He IS the way.  With my eyes and heart on Him, I'll follow the right path, even without a road map of tomorrow.  I know He has way too much for me to do today to waste my time worrying about tomorrow.

And then, there's learning to just BE STILL.  I've lived way too many of my days following the idea of "Don't just stand there, DO SOMETHING".  When perhaps the Lord would rather have me to "Don't do anything, just stand there".  To be still, to let Him move where He sees fit, and to remove my business from blocking His voice on what He would have me to do.   This strikes a chord in my heart as being true, a way to experience His peace, and most of all.....the best way to get myself out of the way of His plans for my life.

And now, let me share some of my greatest memories....these little people in my life have grown so much, so fast, and so wonderfully!  I came across the pictures the other day and think I'll start sharing older pictures with each new post! 
First there were TWO!
Then there were THREE!
And now there are FOUR.....of the greatest gifts in my life!
My first little man is almost seven!
Gracie will be four in just a few days!
And our littlest man is already two!
Each and every addition has added more love, joy, and laughter than we ever could have dreamed of!
On this day, the number of our family became complete.  The journey together did not.  Each day, each moment, every ounce of laughter, and every single tear has been, and will continue to be, surrounded by the love and grace of a God who has been so generous in His blessing on our family!
Oh how this man loves these children and me.  I couldn't ask for a better husband, the kids couldn't have a better father, and I'm so happy to be reminded of that over and over again!

So happy to have a baby brother!  Watching these boys grow together is amazing!

And then, to figure out what to do with him...... :)  He's got it down perfectly now!  Both of these boys are so lucky to have each other!

And for this post's final smile.....we have out little mother hen beginning to fill her shoes perfectly! ;)
I love you Tommy, Alaina, Aiden, Gracie, and Cass.  I thank God for you daily and wouldn't have our family any other way!  I don't need tomorrow's road map....because today, I have the gift of being trusted with you!

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  1. I miss those sweet babies! (loving reading your stuff btw!)


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