Monday, April 11, 2011

And New Life Begins!!!

My country born and raised husband seems to always get a kick at how new all of this is to me!  The changes around here have kept us so busy that only now do I find time to stop and catch my breath!  The more work we do, the closer I feel to our Lord and who He has created me to be.  Who would think that such labor would be so fulfilling, although back breaking, and comical to say the least!  While to my husband, and many of you much of this may seem common me, it's turning out to be a very joyful learning experience!  So to finally share some of these changes.....

Pictures were taken as the sun was trying to set~will post brighter pictures later on!

After finding, purchasing, working on, and blowing up a tiller....learning you never wear flip flops out to the garden after it rains, and finally setting my differences with our mean yellow cow, we have 16 rows!!!  YES, this is it!  My very first garden!  I think it's huge (don't you see my teeny tiny little daughter off to the side?)   However, the more experienced farmer Tom has explained to me that we're really on a fairly small scale here!  I'm still not convinced!

 With only one or two tiny sprouts popping up last night, I was THRILLED and AMAZED to find these all over my garden this morning!  Until now, I really couldn't wrap my thinking around the idea that we could take such tiny seeds and nurture them into this, then full grown plants, and then put all of that into my children's bellies!!!!   Pretty amazing!  Each day that passes, I'm reminded more and more of what an awesome God we serve.  And how wonderful He has made these things for us.  Just how exactly have we gotten so far away from this?
Some of my tomato plants!  We have all different kinds and I can't wait to see what all I can make with them!

And now introducing.....the beginning of our family's life with ducks and chickens!  Aren't they sweet?  The kiddos love them, especially our little Cass!!!  This here is a little makeshift home Tommy and I threw together for them until it's time for them to hit the chicken house!  The Rhode Island Reds could escape from the place we originally had set up for them to come home to!  We've had them less than a week and they've already grown so much!  And in case you didn't know.....if there's not a roof over a baby chic's head, it will drown when it rains because the poor little thing will stand there and look up at the sky the whole time!   I never would have known!

Tweet Tweet!  16 Chicks and 2 Ducks!

And look at that.....a full grown rooster, way up in the tree top!!!  These are Popi's roosters that have made our tree their roostin' destination!  At least we know the little chic's should feel at home!

And now.....Goodnight and I thank you Lord for another wonderful day with my family.  I thank you for the family and friends you've given us, and for the way you're leading and guiding our family! 
In Jesus' sweet name......Amen

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