Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh how my garden and children grow!

So much has happened in this last week!  Easter was great, we attended our first Passover Sedar and I encourage any of you who have never done so to look into this!  It's an amazing demonstration of how the old tradition points straight to Jesus Christ as the awaited Messiah of the Jews!  I hope to see it become a yearly tradition for our family!

And oh, how my crops and children are growing!  And yes, animals too!  It looks like we may have puppies any day now, so that will be excitement for all of us!  Thankfully the only damage we sustained in the storms this week were a couple of beat up plants and no lights for almost 24 hours.

My right hand garden hands and I would like to share our progress around here!  It's SO amazing to me how things are growing!  Something that seems so simple is bringing me so much joy!  There seems to be a lesson in everything our garden does, it's almost like God has used this show us how life should be!  I'm finding a peace in this work, a stronger bond with my family, and gratitude to our Lord for the accomplishment He's filling our hearts with as our garden grows!

Pole beans and squash!  Aren't they beautiful!  Can you see how proud my baby girl is of the work we're putting in?  She loves her garden and I'll be the first to tell you that this tiny little girl works right beside me!

Our first runners on our pole beans!!!  Good thing Daddy's home from work, I couldn't reach high enough to stake these guys even if I tried!  I look forward to harvesting, preparing, and canning these together with the kids!  I think they'll get such a kick out of this!

One of my favorite plants!  This is a type of Chocolate Pablano Pepper...I'm still not quite sure what to expect!  But it sure is growing good!

Another of the pepper plants!  And let me tell you about this little piece of equipment you see in the background!  You can tell my kids are country....they call this their tiller and take it up and down the rows tilling the ground for me!  And Tommy just had to point out that they broke the wheels off of their tiller, just like their Mama did to one of ours earlier this spring!

Our bigger tomato plants!  Aren't they beautiful?  I followed the advice to break the bottom 'splits' off of the plant's main stalk.  Not sure that was best, as I seem to be learning that it's only the 'suckers' that need to go!  I just have to remember that after each trial and error....we will find our greatest success!  And in the meantime, I'm trust God to fill in the gaps where my efforts fall short!

Look at that baby boy!  I definitely have the greatest, and best looking, garden crew around!  And yes, that includes our own little Freckles back there rolling around!  Where we go, that sweet dog follows!
 I Can't leave my oldest boy out of the posts today!  He's at school during most of my picture taking, so I want to take a minute to focus on our Aiden!  We are so ready to have him home for the entire summer!  This last week of Easter break made it SO hard to resume the final bit of the school year Tuesday!  I can't believe my first born is already so big, so smart, and just so amazing all around!  We're very proud of this little man! 

Let me tell you the story behind this tooth!  Aiden has pulled all three of these teeth himself!  He thinks he's pretty tough, I think he just wants the money to go to the dollar store!  When it was time to put his most recently lost tooth under his pillow Friday night, it was nowhere to be found!  We even dug through the trash looking for the ziploc bag that held it!  Aiden was quick to inform me that, "you're trashy Mom".  He's so funny!  Anyhow, we decided to leave the tooth fairy a letter in another bag!  He wrote and told her that he couldn't find his tooth and to leave him some money!  He did add a nice heart to the bag that read, 'Love Aiden'!  Well, it worked, and the next morning he had money....and no letter.  I suppose the tooth fairy took the letter for a keepsake!  But, it wasn't long that next morning until the mystery was solved!  We hear this mischievous little laugh as Gracie giggles and tells us....."haha, I hided Aiden's tooth from the tooth fairy so her not find it!".   And we still don't know where the missing tooth has been hidden!

My little soccer star!  This kid loves soccer, and he's great at it!  Saturday will be his last game for the season and I'm not sure how many goals he's scored this first year, but it's been several!  He loves the game, enjoys the team, and has a great time playing!  We're sad to see the season come to an end, but as soccer fades away for the year, TBall begins!
One of the sweetest sites of the week.....Anybody want a kiss?  Freckles runs straight to this spot every day and kisses a pig!  YES, actually kisses their snouts!  How sweet is that?

On another note, I want to share this picture of the kids and their Papaw Coleman and Grandma Vickie!  A great picture of a great time over Christmas!  Weren't we just talking about how fast they grow?

I have been so blessed with these kids!  I'm 30 years old and couldn't ask for a better family!  People always talk about how sad it is to watch your children grow up.  And I guess I'm just not there yet!  I know one day I'll look back at these happy times with tears of reminiscence.   But as for now, I'm just enjoying our time as what it is.  Each day is so full of the laughter, sweetness, temper tantrums, joys, challenges, and love we have.  We're just too busy 'being' everyday to be sad that yesterday has passed!  I love my kids and I cherish who they are today!  And most of all, I thank God for entrusting them to me.  I'm so unworthy of being their Mom and yet that's who I am!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I'd love comments from family and new friends who are just joining us on our blog!  As for how to go about all of'll have to ask someone else.....I'm still new to all of this blog stuff! ;)

God Bless,
Jennifer, Tommy, and Kids

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.

Psalm 91:2,11,16

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