Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And The Countdown Is On!

Gena.  My sister in law.  My friend.  A wonderful Aunt to my kiddos.  A very hard working nurse (well, until bed rest anyway).  Christian woman.  Married to Smiley.  One of those gals you just can't help but like.  Honest (even when we don't agree on every detail of everything).  Strong and beautiful.  Successful.  Yep, that's her.  And within the next 6 weeks....holding her own new baby, her first child, and glorifying God for the answered prayers that brought this little one to be.....through 12 more weeks of pregnancy since the first scare at 22 weeks.  That's BIG.  That's AWESOME.  That's a MIRACLE.  So mixed in with the excitement, the anticipation, and the joy to come is... gratefulness and praise.  Thank you God that little one has had more time to grow and develop.  And I thank God too, for a sister in law like her and a new niece or nephew to love.

Okay now, enough with the sentiments.  It's time to share some party pictures!
Aunt Gena and her two Jr. Hostesses....Alaina and Gracie.  They helped plan, decorate, and make sure her shower went just right!

Hmmm...I wonder what they're talking about!

Wait, hold on.....we need to throw a pose in the mix first!

When Gena began opening gifts, Gracie came and whispered in my ear.  She wanted to be sure that the 'gift delivery' was her job!  And she took it very, very seriously.  Such a great helper, she loved being involved in it all!

The shower was fun and now it won't be long! And we can't wait!  Baby will have great parents and the best of life to grow up in!  Now for the biggest question of all.....

BOY or GIRL?????

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